Contemporary furnishing with antique rugs and carpets

Antique rugs and carpets are a very vast field composed of an infinity of various styles, concepts, colors, designs and measures.

Contemporary furnishing and antique rugs are no contradiction but combine very well together.

The village rug of rural or nomadic origin is mainly dominated by geometrized, abstract designs and forms which add perfectly accents of color and expression to a linear and purist furnishing. The object of design, a protagonist with sculptural qualities co-exists in harmony with a rare and antique carpet, that spreads out its own artistic value. Good examples of this contest are pieces with origin in Anatolia, Caucasus or tribal Persian background.

The best antique Chinese rugs and carpets offer very elegant and archaic designs, empty background spaces, perfect proportions and a selective color scale,  mainly determined by shades of blue and beige.  Who desires an elegant and refined interior with pure lines and calm character will hardly resist an antique Chinese carpet.

The classical Persian manufacture piece is mainly associated with traditional and classical furnishing, but a richly and elaborated patterned carpet creates an interesting contrast within a minimal and contemporary furnishing.

No matter if the final choice falls on a small tribal rug, an elegant Chinese carpet or a Persian traditional piece, only an antique piece can add  authentic past and history trasmitting a genuine and vivid tradition,  often enigmatic and always fascinating. The antique piece always adds an artistic level and value that goes far beyond its purely ornamental value.


The exposed pieces:

Bergama prayer rug, West Anatolia, 19th ct., 126 x 103 cm

Eagle Kazak rug, Caucasus, 19th ct., 232 x 142 cm

Kansu with stripes, North China, late 19th ct., 202 x 130 cm

Melas rug, West Anatolia, 19th ct., 128 x 105 cm

Peking rug, North China, late 19th ct., 200 x 125 cm

Saruk-Feraghan rug, West Persia, late 19th ct., 195 x 133 cm

Seychour rug, Caucasus, 19th ct., 170 x 97 cm

White background Perepedil rug, Caucasus, 19th ct., 158 x 124 cm

Senneh rug, West Persia, late 19th ct., 198 x 143 cm