Parvizyar – Antique Rugs and Carpets, Kilims, Textiles and Tapestries

Rare and antique Rugs and Carpets, Savonneries, Kilims, Sumakhs, Aubussons, Textiles and antique Tapestries

The gallery Parvizyar is specialized in antique artefacts including unique collector’s rugs and textiles as well as rugs and carpets for prestigious interior decorations. The inventory is based on a large selection of antique pieces, crafted in cotton, wool and silk, from small size up to oversize dimensions, woven in Persia, Caucasus, Anatolia, Turkmenistan, China, North Africa and Europe. The stock also includes French and Spanish Savonneries, Kilims, Sumakh flatweaves and French Aubussons. A selection of various textiles and antique Flemish and French Tapestries from the 16th – 19th ct. completes the inventory of the Parvizyar gallery.

The pieces exposed on this website represent a selection of the entire stock available.

Wash and repair

We offer an accurate service of cleaning and hand wash and professional repair.

Consulences and estimates

The gallery is available for estimates and acquires prestigious and collectable artworks as antique rugs and carpets, kilims, textiles and tapestries.

Customer service

Test furnishing available in your home