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The Gallery Parvizyar – il nodo antico was found in the year 2002 and is born from the sum of a life time experience dealing with antique rugs and carpets. Khosrov Robin Parvizyar has grown up among  antique rugs and carpets in his father’s shop in Via Visconti Modrone in Milan, Italy. He was a dealer in Italy but spent also several years in the US before opening the gallery in downtown Milan, Italy, dedicated exclusively to antique rugs and carpets, antique kilims, textiles and tapestries.
Only the antique piece transmits the vivid and authentic tradition of its roots. In case of village rugs and kilims the very  unique and personal point of view of its creator who chose personally all elements, from interpretation of the traditional patterns up to the tinting of the natural dyed wool.  The antique nomad tradition gave birth to surprisingly modern looking, abstract patterns,  balanced in perfection with saturated and intense colors.
The antique rugs and carpets produced in smaller or bigger manufactories are characterized by sophisticated and very complex design features, often executed in prestigious materials, as for example Kork wool and silk or had been designed to  aim powerful and very decorative impact in representative mansions. The Chinese antique rugs and carpets are unbeatable regarding elegance and pureness of design and are perfect to be included in a modern and contemporary surrounding with minimalist style.

Why choose to deal exclusively with antique pieces? The antique piece “speaks”. Speaks in many languages, as for ornamentation, color, knot, wool quality, history and a still touchable past and tradition,  narrating stories about the diversity of cultures and peoples, the different ways of living and percepting their world and environment.
Every antique piece has its own story to tell. Often it has not only arrived from its country of origin but in many years has travelled Europe from North to South or has crossed the oceans back and forth. The antique carpet has always been a prestigious and very appreciated item of collection, already represented in European paintings from the 15th ct. on.
All these factors summed together create this very special fascination and who intensifies contact with this field will not quit any more.

The contemporary, modern design carpet? There are valid new productions that are creative and can be classified as new contemporary design. But the large quantity of new productions is a mass product just made to cover the floor and give some color accent to the furnishing, following a quick changing fashion trend.
The antique rugs and carpets are out of fashion? A big error of valuation.  There is no interior that would not win with an antique piece. In a traditional interior it adds prestigious elegance and style. In a contemporary and minimal furnishing it donates a touch of glamour and warmth that contrasts in perfect way with the pure lines and finishing of modern  design.
Parvizyar –  il nodo antico gallery offers you a very large stock in many styles and provenances, in all price ranges, and we would be glad helping you to find your own personal unique piece.
The gallery offers a qualified service of wash and repair.
In order to be able to dedicate our time exclusively to your visit please fix an appointment.

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