An unusual masterpiece

West or Northwest Persia, 19th ct., 190 x 135 cm

We are featuring this small rug for its various eye catching qualities and interesting details. Observing the knotting structure the first detail that shows is the single wefted structure which recalls immediately the knotted rugs and carpets of the West Persian area and Senneh area pieces, well known for the mainly used single wefted structure.

Nevertheless looking at the ornamental features of this piece it has nothing in common with the typical Senneh area pattern tradition. The powerful, highly geometrized ornaments, based on archaic pattern history featuring arabesques, stylized leafs and palmetto motifs, remind much more the Northwest Persian area, famous for its inventive and powerful, often slightly tribal designs, featured on antique Bakhshaesh and Heriz rugs and carpets, especially on certain silk rug pieces.

The very powerful design is masterly contrasted by an unusual and very well balanced color scale. Shades of rose tones, light brown, red and brick red are combined with a light yellow centre field and some minor dark blue accents in the outer border stripes.

The delicate and refined color range stays in perfect harmony with the archaic ornamentation.

Was it made by a weaver from the Kurdish Senneh area that moved to Northwest Persia or was influenced by an the example of a Heriz silk rug? Or was it made by a Northwest Persian weaver that used the typical Kurdish area single weave?
It is definitely a quite unique piece with appealing beauty that invites to discuss its origins.

Structure: Symmetric knot, cotton warp and one single shot of light brown wool.